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Muslim Market & You

Muslim Market & You

With products spanning a range of demographics, our insights into the Muslim market are invaluable. Our in depth knowledge of Muslim purchasing habits and interests, can help you reach an audience, which marketers recognise as one of the largest growth areas within the next three to five years. 

emel utilises a multitude of marketing methods; from the traditional route of print advertising, to online and digital, editorial content, events and much more to build a multi-platform campaign for your brand, which is closely monitored by our analysts, guaranteeing your ROI.

As a director of the trend spotting and advertising agency, JWT, found, “Muslims are more interested…in seeing advertising that acknowledges them." As the world’s only Muslim Lifestyle brand, emel is best equipped to provide your team with the understanding they require of the values and belief systems that intrigue and capture the interest of a Muslim audience.

Our consultancy is the gateway to the endless potential of the Muslim market.