"emel is on the rise"
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Our History

emel Media Group was established in 2003, with the launch of its first bi-monthly publication, emel magazine. The magazine went on to have subscribers in over 60 countries, and was the first Muslim magazine to achieve mainstream distribution in stores such as WHSmiths, Borders, Barnes & Noble etc. After creating other successful media brands, the company now consults on Muslim media, and Muslim market needs.

  • September 2003

    emel magazine is launched as a bi-monthly title, and received to wide acclaim

  • September 2005

    emel magazine goes monthly

    September 2005

    emel magazine becomes available in mainstream UK outlets

    October 2005

    emel.com basic website goes live

  • June 2009

    emel.com grows to a full content website

    June 2009

    A monthly e-zine is created and distributed to 74,000+ through various strategic aliances increasing emel's reach

    July 2009

    Eco Jihad issue is launched to widespread acclaim and royal interest

    September 2009

    The first edition of Embox - the Muslim Student Magazine is released

  • October 2010

    emel implements a comprehensive social media strategy, resulting in a following of over 250,000 within a matter of months

    December 2010

    Hijabi Barbie becomes the best-selling cover to date

  • June 2011

    emel.com receives over 2 million page views since its launch in 2009

    July 2011

    Modestyle, the fashion modest fashion guide is digitally launched

    September 2011

    embox.co.uk full content website goes live

    July 2011

    Launch of digital edition

    December 2011

    emel partners with Oxfam for the Shalom Palestine event

  • January 2012

    emel obtains a social media reach of over 28 million