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Our Vision & Values

Our Vision & Values

emel Media Group is the only multi format Muslim lifestyle brand in the world. It was developed from a powerful desire to say what Muslims stood for, and what they could contribute as opposed to what they were against. 

Derived from the letter ‘M’ and the letter ‘L’, standing for ‘Muslim Lifestyle’, the name emel also has deep roots in the Arabic and Turkish language, meaning ‘hopes, dreams and aspirations’. emel is a word that draws on a rich legacy and is creating something new, which is exactly what the media group does. Driven by the rich and beautiful heritage of Islam, the company expresses those values and ethics in a contemporary way, showing that Islam has relevance in people’s day to day lives in the 21st century.

Our vision is to fully enable the development of a world class, ethical media brand, built on universal values, to facilitate the promotion of a Muslim lifestyle for today’s world. Realising that Muslims are participants in the global consumer culture, emel seeks to present and promote an ethical, sustainable and environmentally friendly lifestyle, with emphasis on adopting a conscientious and thoughtful approach to consumerism. We develop content creation across a variety of media platforms including print, digital, broadcast, radio, and events, and use these to showcase beacon projects and thought leadership in order to be an exemplar in the creation of a modern, vibrant Muslim lifestyle.

At emel we seek to articulate the Islamic message in a clear, modern way by focusing on principles. We highlight the attributes of Divine Perfection, and make concrete those attributes in examples of daily life. We are innovative and professional in the presentation of the Divine Message for today’s society. By doing so we hope to give confidence to the Muslim community, whilst simultaneously showcasing the Muslim contribution to mainstream society, and promoting the common good.

Ultimately we seek to enhance connectivity between all people, and to help people have access to the Islamic message, the beacon projects of the Muslim world, and the Divine attributes.